Thinking from the Inside Out

The tricky thing about helpful information is that it can become just one more external voice telling us what to do and reminding us that we haven’t done enough–that, in fact, we aren’t enough.

A friend of mine with years of experience teaching the Bible says: “When we tell people what to do, but don’t tell them how to do it, we create hypocrites.” We all know the frustration of setting out to do something and then getting stcuk because we just can’t get it. For me, that’s most things tech.

Sometimes, ihowever, it isn’t as simple as not knowing how to do it. Our very good head knowlege (beliefs) are often at terrible odds with our whole internal belief system and the resulting conflict is loud and distracting. Maybe we notice, ¬†feel like hypocrites and determine to try a little harder. Maybe we just kind of ignore it and project it out to all the other “hypocrites.”

Either way, internal conflict is exhausting and is the opposite of peace.

In this section we explore what it means to capture those thoughts and to create a path for connection between our heads and our hearts.

Stay tuned.


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