Hello there!

Welcome to my little spot in the blogoshere.  I’m happy you’re here.

My name’s Alicia and I am here to remind us that:

It’s never too late and the best is yet to be.

I am a TKC (third culture kid) adult–which means life and love have taken me all over this planet.  I learned to set down roots anywhere–shallow roots.

This generally worked well for me until my husband and I birthed our first child.

The adventures of pre-kid life kept me busy and I projected most of my deep human longings into the magical future when I would “get married, have kids, and live happily ever after.”


I’m an idealist.  I imagined this future home as a piece of heaven on earth everyone would flourish in a supportive atmosphere of unconditional love and respect, achieving noble goals and accomplishing modestly superhuman feats.

Seriously?  Was I really that naive? 

No.  I never would have actually said those things.  I was not fully conscious of my expectations… and certainly not aware of their implications.

Our oldest son made his debut on the terrifying stage of preeclampsia. I’m pretty sure that Mommy guilt popped out right behind him. And I started growing up all over again.   

It turns out my education (master’s degrees in physical therapy, cultural anthropology, and divinity) and all of the other blessings of my privileged life were no match for my intimate enemies: perfectionism, performing, procrastinating… you get the idea. 

When I just couldn’t pull it off anymore, overwhelm introduced me to anxiety and depression–on a not-so-thrilling hormone roller coaster.

I looked at my beloveds, got real, and determined to do “whatever it takes.” 

I’m not stuck anymore! I still slide into those ruts, but I no longer live in them.

How did it happen?

Long, unfolding story.  I finally really realized that all my comfortable defenses and quick fixes were never going to get me to the place I wanted to be. 

I committed to living from the inside out, instead of responding and reacting to the external world first. It turns out I was only barely acquainted with myself, my beliefs, and my desires.

It still feels like a miracle every time I make that shift from the outside in, and my anxiety evaporates.  My faith is thriving with the new space for growth and relevance. And, amazingly, an added perk is that I’m getting things done organically (like this blog)–which is really nice because I’m not a task oriented person. 

Sure, I wish I’d started sooner, but  here I am– incredibly grateful that  it’s never too late and there is so much opportunity for the best yet to be.

Whoever you are and wherever you are on this journey, you are welcome here–it’s good to know you’re not alone. 

I’d love to meet you–please consider dropping me a line at thedwellingwell@gmail.com