Hi there, and...


The Dwelling Well exists for those moments when life might feel like a job or performance or maybe that important exam you didn’t prepare well for.

You are here and we have encouraging words for you.

If you’re hungry, we’ve got a kitchen (with goodies that are good for you).  You can also findif you’re looking for some practical tips for soothing your body and calming your mind, check those –but only if it’s helpful and you promise not to add more burdens to that endless to do list.

This is a place to rest.

I’m Alicia and my thing is living at peace from the inside out.

Life and love have taken me all over the planet (7 countries, 4 continents) and I’ve learned we can carry deep roots inside and be at home wherever we are. Along the way I’ve earned master’s degrees in physical therapy, cultural anthropology, and divinity–however–the real education came with motherhood.

My Beloved and I recently moved to North Carolina where we work, play, pray, and keep the nest ready for those wonderful moments when our college boy-men are with us.