Hello there!

Welcome to my quiet corner of the blogosphere, created to be an encouraging place where you can regroup when the rut starts feeling like home and you could use a reminder that it’s not too late and the best is yet to be. 

I’m happy you’re here and I hope you take a moment to introduce yourself.  In the meantime, I’ll go first…

 My name is Alicia and I’m a TKC (third culture kid) adult–which means life and love have taken me all over this planet.  I learned early on how to set down sturdy, but shallow roots wherever I got transplanted.  This generally worked well for me until my husband and I birthed our first child.

The adventures of pre-kid life kept me busy and I projected most of my deep human longings into the magical future when I would “get married, have kids, and live happily ever after.”


An idealist by nature, I mentally warmed myself by the hearth of this future home, a piece of heaven on earth, where everyone would flourish in a supportive atmosphere of unconditional love and respect, achieving (my) goals and accomplishing modestly superhuman feats.

Seriously?  Was I really that naive? No.  I never would have actually said those things.  I was not fully conscious of my expectations… and certainly not aware of their implications.

Our oldest son made his debut on the terrifying stage of preeclampsia. Mommy guilt popped out right behind him. And I started growing up all over again.   

Along the way, I’ve come to recognize that micromanaging my husband and kids (or anyone else for that matter) is not the answer to my own overwhelm, procrastination, and paralyzing perfectionism–although this will probably always be the easiest of paths to my most difficult rut! 

Recognition is good, but it doesn’t guarantee change.  And anyway– 

What is the answer? How do we live and love well?

The kind of change I’m after comes from the inside and takes it’s own jolly (or not so jolly) time to work itself out. It requires being still and present with ourselves. Not easy, but definitely worth it.

High-tech, fast pace living invites the blame for this challenge, but I suspect it’s always been hard to be still, to let the discomfort of the disconnect open our hearts and make way for a home inside, to carry deep roots within us that allow us to dwell wherever we are.

Wherever you are on this journey, you are welcome here.  Join me! 

We will  push pause on the mundane rhythms of daily life and notice things.  

We’ll hold the drama and learn something from it.        

We’ll choose curiosity over criticism.                                  

And we will come to know ourselves. 

We will find joy living well from the inside out.